Collar Sizing Guide

How to measure your dog’s neck when buying a new collar

Say goodbye to mis-sized dog collars and poor fits and hello to perfectly snug collars that look as great as they fit.

Every Yorkshire Pet collar is handmade to order & created specifically for your dog.

We work from the neck measurements you provide to us; so it is important that they are accurate to ensure we make the best fitting collar possible for your pup.

Take time to size up your dog correctly and if possible use a soft tape measure for best results.
If you don’t have a soft tape measure though don’t worry – you can always use an old collar, ribbon or even an iPhone cable!

Measure twice, buy once
Be sure to measure your dog’s neck a couple of times to make sure that your numbers match up.
If you get the same measurement consistently –  you can be confident the collar you order will be a great fit for your dog.

Remember. A collar shouldn’t be tight around your dog’s neck and therefore it will not be the exact measurement of your dog’s neck.

It shouldn’t be too loose either – A snug fit with two fingers wiggle room is ideally what we are looking for when measuring up.



Measuring up using a soft tape measure  

  1. Use a soft flexible measuring tape and place it around the centre of your dog’s neck
    (In the same position as where the collar would sit).
  2. Place two fingers between your dog’s neck and the measuring tape & then pull the tape so its snug but not tight
  3. Take note & write down the measurement of the circumference.
  4. Measure again & make sure your measurements match up!

Tip: Be sure to measure the centre of your dog’s neck, not too close to the head (collar will be too small) or too close to the shoulders (collar will be too big).

Measuring up using a Ribbon or iPhone Cable

  1. Find a iPhone Cable
  2. Wrap the it gently around the centre of your dog’s neck
    (In the same position as where the collar would sit).
  3. Place two fingers between your dog’s neck and the cable & then pull the slack until snug but not tight.
  4. Mark the spot where the ends of the cables meet
  5. Lay out flat on a table and measure with a traditional tape measure or ruler

Measuring up using an old collar

Possibly the easiest way to size your dog up for a new collar is to simply measure the length of one of their old collars that fits them well.

This works if you’re looking to replace a damaged or tired-looking collar and are confident the new replacement will need to remain the same size.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to remember not to measure the entire length of the collar as this will give you an incorrect measurement. Please refer to the picture diagrams & advice below.

Before you measure, make sure the collar is adjusted to a desirable fit for your dog.

For quick-release style collars, include the whole of the female half of the clip and stop measuring just before you get to the prongs of the male half of the buckle.

For Adjustable Buckle Collars measure from the centre of the buckle to the current sizing hole being used.

Does my dog need a collar?


And I’m not just saying that because we make stunning custom fit dog collars.

Dog collars provide restraint and security on walks and at home, they’re a priceless form of identification if your dog should escape, and they’re a fashion item for the stylish dog Mums and Dads.

As much as your dog loves chilling at home with their collar off – when they go outside its always best to ensure they have a collar on.

The outside world can be unpredictable & it may be the case that your dog reacts to something maybe another dog or a scary storm, having a collar is crucial to keep them safe, protected, under control & identifiable should they get loose.